Canada lists Khalistani extremism as a security concern: Newshorts

Canada lists Khalistani extremism as a security concern

Canada has listed Khalistani extremism as a security concern in its ‘2018 Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada’ for the first time since the inception of the report in 2013. The report further said that while attacks by Khalistani extremists in Canada have been “extremely limited, some Canadians continue to support (the) extremist groups, including through financing”.

Khalistani extremism

While Canada’s threat environment remains stable, the principal challenge comes from individuals and groups inspired by violent ideology propounded by Sunni extremist groups such as Daesh (Islamic Sstate) or al-Qaeda, the report said.

It added, “Furthermore, Shia and Sikh (Khalistani) extremism also remain of concern because while their attacks in Canada have been extremely limited, some Canadians continue to support these extremist groups, including through financing.” This is the first time Khalistani extremism was mentioned in the public report since its inception in 2013.

Khalistani extremism


In his foreword to the report, Goodale noted, “Canada is known internationally as a welcoming and peaceful nation. But we are also resolute in our determination to reject and combat violent extremism in all forms. Put simply, violence and threat of violence have no place in Canadian society. Stopping and eradicating this is a top priority of the government.”

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