I don’t think Hulk Hogan will ever retire: Hogan’s son

I don’t think Hulk Hogan will ever retire: Hogan’s son

After reports claimed that Hulk Hogan will make a WWE comeback aged 65, his son Nick Hogan said that he doesn’t think Hulk Hogan will ever quit professional wrestling. “He just always says he loves it. He loves training, he loves the wrestling business. It runs too deep in his blood, I don’t think he’ll ever quit,” Nick said.


No matter how broken or damaged a relationship between WWE and a former Superstar, it is seemingly never irreparable. Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior, Bruno Sammartino, all wrestlers we thought couldn’t possibly mend fences with Vince McMahon. They have all returned though and worked with the company after everything that had been said and done.


The latest relationship to be fixed is the one between WWE and perhaps the company’s most famous son, Hulk Hogan. Following a sex tape scandal and leaked footage of Hogan saying some unspeakably racist things, WWE cut ties with the recently reinstated Hall Of Famer. Hogan is now back, as was confirmed at Crown Jewel when he opened the show.

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