India could’ve built more schools, homes than host F1: Hamilton

India could’ve built more schools, homes than host F1: Hamilton

World champion Lewis Hamilton has clarified on why he felt “conflicted” to race in a “poor place” like India, saying the money could’ve been spent on building homes and schools rather than Formula One track. “My reference was that a Grand Prix [in India] felt strange to drive past homeless people and then arrive…where money wasn’t an issue,” he tweeted.


Hamilton questioned the strategy of taking Formula One to places like India, Korea and Turkey where the sport did not survive for long. Vietnam is another country which doesn’t have rich motorsport history but will be hosting a Formula One race in 2020.

“We’ve got a lot of real racing history in England, Germany, Italy and now in the United States, it is starting to grow. But you only have one event per year in those places. If it was my business, I’d be trying to do more events in those countries,” Hamilton told BBC.


“I’ve been to Vietnam before and it is beautiful. I’ve been to India before to a race which was strange because India was such a poor place yet we had this massive, beautiful grand prix track made in the middle of nowhere. I felt very conflicted when I went to that grand prix.

Source: The New Indian Express

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