Hizbul shoots 18 bullets in Class 11 boy’s head, calls him informer

Hizbul shoots 18 bullets in Class 11 boy’s head, calls him informer

Hizbul shoots 18 bullets. Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists killed a Class 11 student in Jammu and Kashmir by shooting around 18 bullets in his head after calling him an ‘informer’. The teen was kidnapped and killed by the terrorists from his home on Thursday. Claiming responsibility in an audio message, the terror group claimed he was involved in informing the forces about two militants.


The clip shows the Class 11 student sitting on the ground, facing the other way in near-darkness with his hands presumably tied up. One of the terrorists is heard asking why he had gotten one of their colleagues killed. However, multiple shots ring out before the youngster can even answer, and he slumps to the ground motionless.

The boy’s family said he had fearlessly gone to meet the terrorists on his own. “The victim’s brother asked him if he wanted to go into hiding. But he said he wasn’t scared because he had done nothing wrong. That evening, we heard that he had been killed,” said a relative.

Terrorists in Kashmir occasionally kill people suspected of being police informers as a warning to others who may want to aid security personnel in the state. However, this is the first time a clip of the “execution” has been posted on the social media.

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