YouTuber writes names to thank subscribers, gains 3.8mn in a week

YouTuber writes names to thank subscribers, gains 3.8mn in a week

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YouTuber, A 73-year-old Portuguese YouTuber has gained 3.8 million subscriptions in just a week after he posted videos thanking his subscribers by writing down their names. Nilson Izaias Papinho had less than 2,000 subscribers towards January end before his videos went viral. Papinho’s channel has 29 videos which show him doing daily activities, which have garnered over 30 million views.

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Kindness is the most underrated quality in the world. We often hear from people that it is the key to life. But does kindness pay off?

For this 73-year-old Portuguese YouTuber, it did in the most unexpected way possible. Little did Nilson Izaias Papinho know that his channel would hit 3.8 million subscriptions in just a week. All for one kind act!

You may ask what’s special about thanking subscribers as it is a normal YouTube norm. But would you have ever thought of writing down the names of the subscribers and thanking them in a video? Nilson’s touching gesture has turned him into a YouTube sensation.

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