WhatsApp adds private reply feature for group chats on iOS

WhatsApp adds private reply feature for group chats on iOS

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WhatsApp adds private reply feature, WhatsApp in its newest update added a feature which lets users reply privately on a group chat for iOS users. The feature was already made available to Android users through an update in December 2018. Users can long press on the message in a group they want to reply to and choose the ‘Reply Privately’ option to use the feature.

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WhatsApp recently received its first major update of the year on the iOS platform. The update allows users to reply privately in groups, add stickers to photos and videos and preview statuses using 3D touch. The new updates were previously tested on the beta version of the app.

To try out these new features, make sure you have updated to version 2.19.10 of WhatsApp for iPhone. Here’s a look at the new features:

Private replies on groups:

So somebody said something mean to you on a group, but you’re a bit hesitant to give it back to them in front of everybody. WhatsApp’s got a solution for you. Simply long press the message you wish to reply and then tap on ‘Reply Privately’. This allows you to reply to the corresponding message and the receiver will also be able to see their message you’re replying to.

This feature was added on the Android version of the instant messaging platform in December last year.

Add stickers to photos and videos:

When editing a video or photo on WhatsApp, users can now add stickers in addition to emojis, text and freehand drawings. To do so, simply tap on the emoji icon and then scroll down to find stickers. You can move around and resize stickers according to your needs in photos and videos.

Previewing statuses with 3D-Touch:

The 3D-Touch feature has been around on iPhones since the iPhone 6S (with the exception of iPhone XR which uses Haptic Touch to provide essentially the same UI). To take advantage of this, WhatsApp has added a feature that allows you to preview a contact’s WhatsApp status in the Status tab. You can also mute a status if you wish using the same 3D Touch gesture. To try it out, touch hard on a contact in the Status tab.

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